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Yes Equality 🌈

A really easy way to get past Exam Papers for Irish State Examinations

Know the probability of you getting an A1? Now you do.

"If you build it, they will come. If you don’t build it right or at all, the modern world will route around you and build it themselves. James Eggers’ BetterExaminations.ie is an example of that in my view."
Damien Mulley, Mulley Communications

"Such an essential tool for leaving cert study, I use it all the time. I'm surprised the SEC haven't bought it yet"
Conor Igoe, Student

"Seriously good job making this. A gazillion times better than the examinations.ie shite. It's like it wants to be used, if that makes any sense."
David Slyne, Student

"In love with the new betterexaminations.ie design. State Exams Commission really screwed the pooch missing the opportunity."
Tommy Collison, Student

"heya! just wanted to say your betterexaminations.ie website has saved my life over the past few weeks. seriously like i think i would have killed examinations.ie. thank you so much! "
Amelia O'Keeffe, TCD Medicine Student

"omg this is so much handier than that other bloody website, so much easier "
Alex Kelly, Student

"Seriously this is so useful"
Matthew O'Dwyer, Student

"Damn Useful."
Owen Phelan, PHD Researcher, CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies

"thank you very much James, this is class"
Sam Quill, Student

"for all those people who have the ridiculous amount of economics hw over mid term BetterExaminations.ie is so key #FlyingThroughIt"
Colm Carter, Student

"thanks a mil"
Kate O'Mahony, Student

Best Student Web Project at The Irish Web Awards 2012 & 2013